Our passion is to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to explore who God is, how He works and what that means to you.  We have opportunities for people trying to understand what Christianity is about as well as those who are Christians.
For people who are open to try and understand what Christianity and the Bible is about, we offer All In to do that for the entire family.  It is an interactive, fun way to explore faith.  The church calendar lists the days of All In.
Secondly, we offer Christianity Explored for any who prefer a video/discussion format.  It is a 6 week course that helps to try and answer your questions.  We offer these courses on an “as needed” basis.  Let us know if you are keen.
For Christians, we want to provide an opportunity to explore the riches of God’s Word and how it applies.  We are offering various modules throughout the year, avoiding the busyness of Christmas, Easter and summer.  The studies will run 6:00-7:00 on a Sunday evening according to the schedule.  We would love to have you along to join in our Study.  We will not have a programme for children as such but can provide engaging toys, activities for them.
Refer to the church diary for Bible Study dates and subjects