Community is a big word for the church.  We work hard to try and help everyone feel part of the RCBC family … if even in a remote way.  We are very proud to be able to partner with various groups that provide all sorts of services and support to people in Rossington.  

Rossington Food Bank

The Rossington Food Bank is part of the Doncaster Food Bank (Trussell Trust).  It serves the community by offering 3 days of emergency food (good balanced meals).  Please note that you need a voucher.  It runs 10-12 on a Thursday.  You are welcome to pop in and to find out how you can receive a voucher if there is a need.

JL Signing Services

JL Signing services offer sign language tuition (group and private) from Level 1 through Level 3 (including taster and deaf awareness).  Though deaf, Jamie has an excellent speaking voice and lip reading ability which makes beginners feel at ease.  He is a natural teacher and has proven track record of helping people achieve their sign language goals … whether for personal or professional.

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