Messy Church is an opportunity to experience a different kind of church.  It is a chance to investigate a bit about this whole God thing in a very easy to access way.

  • Time:  4:00-6:00
  • Day:  Wednesday (see diary link below)
  • Cost:  £1.50 pp (must pre-register)
  • Who:  The whole family is invited!

Messy Church is divided into 3 parts:  a craft session, a “Huddle time” (brief family friendly service about family issues) and a family style meal.  We would love to invite you along!

2023/24 Messy Church Registration

 We would like to invite you to our  19 June  (4:00-6:00) Messy Church!  We are back on to David, thinking about what it means to forgive.  It’s something we ALL need! We are at the Holmescarr Centre, just up from ASDA on Grange Lane, DN110LP.    It is a craft session, brief family talk and sit down meal.  We would love to have you along!  A child can have a mate along if the accompanying teen/adult is happy to take responsibility for them as well.  Please complete the following details, click the SUBMIT button.  We ask for a £1.50 pp donation to help with costs and make Messy Church sustainable.  We might have a special guest!  Thank you2

We kindly ask for a £1.50 pp (including adults) donation to help with some of the costs.  You can pay via the PayPal button to the left with either your normal Paypal account OR with a debit or credit card.  You will be taken to a Paypal window and will have the option to choose at that point.  Thank you!  

Some have struggled with the Paypal access point above.  If that does not work, the the button to the left is another way.  Please try that and let me know if it works for you!

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